Wednesday, January 13, 2016


     I'm an American that was born in Cuba. Always grateful to God and this amazing country that took us in. Cubans have always shared benefits that others oppressive countries don't (including among others, the Haitians. It always breaks my heart when they are turned back). But I so understand that we need legal migration programs and laws. I'm all for that, after all that is how my family enjoys the blessings of this great nation.
    These special benefits that Cuban's have is because of the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966. Basically what it boils down to is that Cubans in Cuba can LEGALLY migrate to the U.S. through various migration programs. This has change a bit with the wet foot dry foot adjustment that was made latter. This Act grantees, us Cubans, to become permanent residents after the required time ( a guaranteed green card) and on the road to becoming a US Citizen. This is truly a blessing and a dream for so many other immigrants. This Cuban Adjustment Act was given to us because at the time, 1966. We were fleeing from POLITICAL AND NOT ECONOMIC persecution from the communist. Many of our parent were thrown in concentration camps, they were worked and starved beyond recognition, it happened to my dad and it happened to so many other dads.
    Now this is were I believe this act is outdated, gotten out of hand and needs to be revised. Any Cuban that comes from Cuba now and benefits from the Cuban Adjustment Act can legally go back to Cuban after they have been in the US for one full year. They can go back take our US dollars and continue to feed that communist and oppressive monster. They can make our US dollar stretch on amazing vacations, oh and yes and see the family.
    Now if you are blessed with this unique immigrant benefit that is the Cuban Adjustment Act, why would you go back to the oppressive country that you just left??? This is the opinion of this humble Cuban American and many others. You can see how this is a divisive topic among friends and family. I believe this act is outdated and abused and it need to be changed.
    This is going to be hard to do now, under this current administration. After all, the in thing to do now is go to Cuba on vacation.

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