Saturday, January 23, 2016

Organizing by color and theme.

I'm still on my mission organization and it's going to take a very long time. I'm leaving my crafting and art supplies for last, that's going to be a fun huge task. But since  I was pulling valentine embellishment for my card making, I though I try it. I'm going to re-organizing my buttons and all the little dodas by theme. I don't know why I haven't arranged things like this before, is so much easier to pull . I'm temped to go on but no, I'm leaving this task for when I'm all done with the house. I'll think of it as an organizational treat to my self, I love looking at all my crafty supplies. My mind wonders at all the possibilities and pretty things I want to create.  


  1. I organize by theme---until I'm finished with a project. Rather than sort and put everything back, I just put the leftovers in to small photo containers by color. Then, when I just need a little something, I go to the color containers.

  2. You have so many beautiful things and such a creative mind that I wonder how you don't digress while organizing it. I know I would.
    I'm a very organized person but this year I'm determined to go a little further. I was hoarding too many things. Meaningful things but also just things that I will have to let go in order to have more quality of life.
    Something in the air, I guess ahahahahah
    Keep enjoying your things and life, Marlene!

  3. I want All those heart buttons LOL since I am a button hoarder


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