Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sweet birthday gifts from my friend Wanda.

Her work is always amazing and I love having a piece of her art. These pictures do no justice, she made me a gorgeous banner. Those paper ballerinas are so beautiful. Her cards are the best. I will treasure them always. Thank you my friend. 

           This is a Christmas ornament, she backed it with a gorgeous crochet doily. Just precious.  .

                         These are so adorable, would look beautiful hanging from a book shelf.

                                   This is her card that she made with some Tilda paper, love it.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015.

This year it was held at my sister's Alina. Her little one started calling me early in the day to let me know how the table was tuning out. This kid is just adorable, he then wanted me to bring paper so that we could make the name tags that he saw me do at another dinner. When I got there he wanted to do a menu. I think he did a great job,  turned out so cute. 

My sister had this sweet collection of books about Thanksgiving. You know I love anything vintage or vintage looking.

My sister Mayra made these for the kids. They have popcorn in them for watching movies latter on. I think this is a great ides.
                                           She also made the Turkey, OMG it was so delish.

                                                                       Love the table.

                                  My sister Mayra found this a thrift shop, I love this piece.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thankful for so many blessings. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

This year Thanksgiving is at my mom's and I'm so looking forward to it. We're having the traditional dinner but she did make rise and beans for my nephew that's coming in from school. So missing my sister China's family but I know they're going to have a great Thanksgiving too. 

This are my contribution to Thanksgiving dinner. 
Tried a new recipe that my friend and bank teller, Jennie  gave me. Its a pumpkin cupcake with a cream cheese frosting, OMG they're so delish, James and I already had one. The leaves I made out of Gum Paste and I experimented with some edible luster dust loving how they turned out.    

This cake has a cup of freshly toasted pecans and a Bourbon glaze . We haven't tasted it yet but the house smelled  wonderful.  I hope is good.

                  The cake mold I borrowed from my mom. Never done a cake like this, so pretty.

These are made out of crescent dough from Pillsbury, super simple. Got the recipe and instructions from Pinterest.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Don't know where to start.

Have you ever had so much in your head that you don't know were to start? Well that's how I feel creatively and organizational wise. Been on a new mission to purge and organize our home. Boy is that hard for me to do. I have two sisters that are experts at this and can tackle and conquer any projects. I so admire people that can do that. But it's so hard for me cause I just want to keep it all, and you just can't. I think I'm getting old. I know it's just stuff and I'm always giving things away but it doesn't make a dent. Ok enough about my rant. 
This is my work desk today, one big mess. I've been working on some projects for some scrappy friends and I found a few things I want to alter for my space.  Wish me well. 

 Oh, and as if I don't have enough stuff, just found these at Target and I could not pass them up. How cute are these. I think the main thing is that I need to stop shopping. I know my problem, isn't that half the battle???

Sunday, November 15, 2015

My sister's annual Christmas fair. I want one of each, but they always sell out.

My sister China and her best bud Beth work really hard to pull off their annual craft fair. The fair is held on base and they do get a little help with the set up but, pretty much they're on their own. The area where they live in a beautiful rural country area that is prime real state for antiquing, estate sales, garage sale and year long junking.  I think they have the most fun collecting goodies to re-do and stock up their store booth. I  always make sure to  check on Monday, just to hear about their great finds of the weekend. Every year they do a great job with this event, but this year, OMG. I'm loving that red vintage suite case, oh those snow mans and the Santa dressed in camo, he's so cute.  

OMG, love the register. Where did they find that? Got to find out.  I sure hope they didn't sell it.