Sunday, December 13, 2015

Make over for my snow mans.

Picked these guys up last year, I think, after Christmas sale. They had a lot of red in them, actually everything that is now pink was red. I also changed the scarves by using some velvet ribbon and some really cute plaid ribbon that I found way in the bottom of my stash. After painting them I glittered them up and after they dried I sprayed them with hair spray, that's my secret to seal in the glitter. Now they're ready for Christmas. This year I'm in a pink mood.  


  1. I love the pastel and vintage look of your snow mans!

  2. Lovely updates .... I love the "after" Christmas sales for make overs. Having our festivities early this year so may get a chance to partake in a few fun shops close out sales .. Believe it or not a few of the bloggers are doing Valentines


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