Friday, December 26, 2014

Noche Buena at my sister Alina.

Noche Buena is Christmas eve and it's our traditional Cuban feast. Ever since I can remember we  have celebrated Noche Buena. Before our dad went to be with the Lord, he would roast an entire whole pig in a pit that he would dig  in the back yard. It was like an entire event in it self. I remembered it all started the night before by marinating it. He would make a traditional Cuban Mojo with sour oranges, garlic, salt and pepper. He would make a brush out of corn husk and then brush that Mojo all over and it would sit over night. In the morning the house would smell like it was time to eat already. But the fun would just begin .
The pig would be taken to the pit and covered in bananas and guava leaves. It was suppose to make it taste better, it would slow cook for  like 8 hours and OMG so delicious   .
I think of my dad almost every day but, on Noche Buena I always feel a peaceful,  calm void.  
This year Noche Buena was at my sister's and we had a beautiful evening with family and friends. It's always such a treat spending time with these kids and on Christmas eve you can feel their excitement.   

Sunday, December 21, 2014

12 days of Christmas pink and white advent.

I had so much fun creating this project, it was kinda like a last minute things. I still had some Christmas left in me, lol. The rusty old rake was given to me by my sisters. I did give it a little white wash and then started. I did a tutorial showing you how I created every little item on it, 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Some Christmas decorations.

I always love to decorate for Christmas, it's really my favorite time of the year.  

My Charlie Brown Earring Tree.

Found this little tree on sale at HL,  after I had put all my Christmas boxes away. I really wanted to put it up but I did not want to dig through those boxes again looking for ornaments. So I put my thinking cap on and decided to decorate it with my vintage custom earring and jewelry bit and pieces. I think his so cute now and I'm glad I got to put him out and enjoy.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Your ATC store December kit.

    This is what I created with this month's Christmas Choir Boy ATC kit from This cute little kit is FREE, with the purchase of $10.00. I love this kit, the paper collection is super cute and lots of fun to play with. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mix media Christmas canvas.

I had so much fun creating this canvas and playing with texture, paint, stencils and stamps. Actually this canvas  was my first tutorial. For years now I've been asked to do tutorial, well let me tell you, is not as easy as some of  my friends make it look. I have a new found respect for all those that have shared their art by making tutorial. Another thing to thank God for, learning something new. 

Hubby and I goofing off.

My hubby is one of these easy going people that just goes with the flow. Hi's very rarely  in a bad mood, he's a happy go lucky kind of guy. Here we're  ready to go to church, we go Saturday nights because he works the weekend, on his feet, all weekend long. He has never said I'm tired, I can't go tonight. As a matter of fact, he send me a text around 4:oo pm, just to remind me to be ready to go because we only have about 20 to get there.
When I was alone about 20 years ago, I prayed really hard for God to put the right person in my life. I remember I had very specific details. I had made a list for God, yes I did. Why not, God can do it all. 
I tell you, every time this man  texts me to remind me, I so thank God. That was one of the thing that I prayed for, a man that would want to get closer to God. I wanted big shoulders too, lol. got it. 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

I'm calling it "MY SPA TREE".

I'm one of these people that really enjoys and looks forward to putting up a natural tree. I love the feel and the wonderful pine scent thoughout the house, but not this year.  I had totally forgot that I still had these ornaments. They're very girly like with lots of pinks, greens and blues. I used these ornament on my spa tree and am I glad I did not sell the ornament too. So this year I decided to also find the tree, I knew that if I kept the ornaments I had to of  kept the tree too. I love my little tree, it brings back  memories of a time in my life when I worked very very hard. but it was also rewarding.