Friday, November 21, 2014

They're ready for the craft fair.

This is my sister and our friend Beth's booth all set up for the annual craft fair. These ladies work really hard for this event and it shows. I help a little, the banner hanging from the table to the right on this first picture was my contribution. They usually sell out and I hope they do too this year. Have fun tomorrow at the fair.    

          I also helped by making these little tin tree ornaments, you can't hardly see them but they're there.

                                                                   I love these, so cute.

                                                 He's a military Santa, love him, his beautiful.

      These are rag banners, I need to make some for me. I love them, I see them on Pinterest all the time.

                                        OMG this advent is so beautiful, what a great idea.


  1. Wow, ALL is Beautiful!!
    Happy weekend.

  2. This looks just like my type of craft fair/bazaar! Too bad I don't live closer! Good luck to them. I have no doubt they will sell out again this year. Beautiful stuff!


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