Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine stick pins.

I've been collecting these pretty little beads with just this project in mind. I love using these stick pins on flowers, to hold laces together and to giveaway to my friends.  


  1. They are beautiful Marlene, you always make the prettiest stickpins!
    enJOY a Happy Valentine's Day,

  2. so pretty......tfs
    love the ones with the flowers gorg. xo
    creative hugs, Milissa d

  3. Lovely beaded stick pins. Happy Hearts Valentine's...

  4. Marlene could you tell me where the heart beads are from in the bottom photo? they look like antique pressed carnival glass! I would love to find some to buy that I could make my mother something, she loves carnival glass and has a few pieces that she treasures :)

  5. Oh I was just looking at all your pretty stick pins with the pretty beads on them, and I have about 4 large boxes of beads I was going to put in a sale next month until I seen these, so I am pulling them out and going to make me some pretty stick pins also.
    I like the white pearl top pins


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