Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thanksgiving pictures, 2013.

We had such a great thanksgiving this year. I do have to give the credit to my wonderful hubby, he did all the cooking and everything was delish. Sometimes I forget how amazing this man really is. Now I can't wait for Christmas at my sister's.
 Ok so I have to share this story with you. My mom told me that my sweet little nephew was looking for some one to play with, but everyone was doing their own thing. His mom and dad where putting up the tree and his sister was doing things in her room and my mom was on the phone. So all of a sudden he screamed off the top of his head that if no one wanted to play with him he was leaving to my house because I always had time to play with him. I just love this kid.  

                        Hubby taking a much needed brake. He's not used to all this cooking at once.

             The loaded mash was delish, this year he tried the Paula Deen recipe. It was so darn good.

  I missed so much my other niece and nephew, this was our first Thanksgiving with out them. But we will see them soon, can't wait.


  1. Your food looked delicious. We love family games too!

  2. Children and Dogs know the Hearts of their loved ones. So sweet the story uyou shared. And amazing pictures in a lovely Home.
    So glad you enjoyed and have such a loving and helping husband.

  3. Your nephew must really love his auntie Marlene to shout that out at the top of his lungs! So sweet... thanks for sharing your story and the lovely pictures. I've have neglected my blog lately. Too much work, too much pain and not enough time! hahahahaha maybe I'll add a few pictures like you did... now that's easy peasy, right! :) If I don't chat with you before Christmas eve/day enjoy God’s love and the richness of His blessings on your lives during this Christmas season, may we remember the Lord at all times, for it is truly from Him that all good things flow!
    Much love,


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