Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I found this lot of white wash clothes pins, oh so shabby. They're beautiful just like that, you can still see the grain of the wood but, with a white wash. But, I though I would dress them up a bit. I covered the front with this Glitz paper that you see in the back and I used some Frogfeather tims and a little bling. Love them, I think they will make great gifts.  

This little book I altered using the same paper collection. I just finish a new system for organizing and keeping tract of all my stamps, punches and die cuts. This little book is my reference for the inventory. I will share the entire system later, it's really working for me and I'm, using more of my supplies because I know where everything is at. Got to love that.   


  1. Oh I love the clothespins makes me want to get the spray paint out

    they are just beautiful and so fufu

  2. You are on an altering journey of bliss. Love the flowers in your last post and now these clothespins. Dreamy Dear...
    Looking forward to see how your beautiful little journal helps you be organized and knowing what you have to use.

  3. Marlene those clothes pins (or pegs as we call them here in Australia) are gorgeous !

  4. Love the can "Gift" them to me if you would

    The book is just gorgeous!! Love your style.

    Happy Crafting

  5. Love the clothes pins. I altered some a few weeks back and had a nice time doing so. I did do them individually. I did not do them in sets like you did, but what a great idea to gift to someone.
    Hope you are doing well. Ana


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