Friday, December 14, 2012

Praying for Connecticut.

I feel so sad and my heart is  heavy for all the senseless loss of life, oh Lord, the little ones......... I was never blessed with children of my own. But,  I love my nieces and nephews so very much and I know the love of a parent is much greater. I can't begin to imagine how you would ever wrap your arms around the loss of a child.
The intensity of emotions for these parest, OMG how do you recover from something like this. A child, how do you live with that ???? If this is not the ultimate test of your faith, what is?

My sweet mom who even in the saddest of circumstances can find a reason to thank God. I remember her telling me when my dad passed, over 24 years ago. That she knew  our lives were for ever changed. But, among all that sadness and grieve she was grateful. I asked her, what could you be grateful for at a time like this? She then gave me a hug and said, that eve though I was devastated and inconsolable, the lost of a child would be a greater pain to bare. She seamed so sure about that.  Then I understood, she was grateful that my dad would not have to endure the lost of a child.
That's the way it should be, we say goodbye to our parents. A parent should not have to say goodbye to a child.

I pray for all  families touched by this tragedy in Connecticut, may God's  blanket of love and comfort be with them always. Sending blessing to all my bloggie friends with children, hug them, hug them long.
May God bless us all, xxx.


  1. Hi Marlene, WHat a beautiful post. Makes sense what your mom said, but losing a parent is huge. I can't seem to stop missing my mom and crying for just one more phone call. Just one more. I could not even imagine losing my girls, especially now that they are older and we can talk about things and they understand them.
    May God put his arms around these grieving parents and console them.

  2. Marlene- Your Mom was a very wise woman. My heart is so full of sadness tonight that I feel almost sick- xo Diana

  3. I agree and feel so sad for those grieving families.What makes someone do such a thing. We all lose some innocence when something like that happens.

  4. Marlene, you are such a genuinely kind soul. Those poor people, how do you cope with that? it happened in Scotland many years ago, 16 children and I still think of those parents.
    Your Mum is a wise women indeed xx

  5. Dear Marlene,
    Our hearts are heavy, whether we are parents or not, we all understand loss.

  6. Marlene
    What a moving post.
    Your mother was very right
    Hugs to you!

  7. And if there was any doubt why your mother would say that just need to read this delightful post to learn how right it is that you'd survive your lovely father - to be a loving support to your mother.

    May God Bless you and her for long long time. Dad is in no hurry to hug both of you :)

    We all seem to loose someone with these tragedies... the lovely promiss of an amazing human being all those children were.


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