Saturday, March 31, 2012

Learning the art of whimsical drawing with Marah Johnson.

I had the most amazing day today, I headed to my local scrapbooking store THE PAPER NICHE for a class on whimsical drawing with the talented Marah Johnson. I met up with my friend Ms. Janet, finally got to give her, her birthday gift and I'm so happy that she liked it. I made her a burlap bag that I printed a beautiful image on canvas and embellished with vintage laces, a charm and a vintage pin. I'll post pictures soon.

Janet decided to take the class with me and I'm so glad she did, we had a good time. I've been so looking forward to this class and it was great. I'm a fan of Marah Johnson's colorful and fun way of doing whimsical art.

I've never done a class like this one, where you are free to just have fun doodling. We played with H2os and learned how to draw eyes, a face, a bird and the cutest fish. We also made some new friends that sat across from us, just an overall fun class.


  1. Always a pleasure to meet a kindred spirit! It was a fun class and I look forward to meeting up with you in the future. I've been playing all morning with our 'creations' from last night!
    Thanks for a nice night.
    the girl sitting across from you. :)

  2. Hey Marlene. So glad you were able to take one of the classes with Marah Johnson. Love the fish. Super nice. Did you draw it? Super nice. Glad to know that Janet was able to meet up with you and take it as well.
    Have a great sunday.
    TFS. ANA

  3. Your drawings are wonderful and whimsical. I shall enjoy your progress. Blissful...


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