Sunday, November 27, 2011


Sometimes when I look around my home, I'm overwhelmed with blessings. Not for the material things, but for the LOVE and PEACE I feel all around, from my family and friends.

I LOVE to decorate for the seasons, well lets be be honest, I just love to decorate. This year I'm going to transform our little home into a winter wonderland. The tree we got at the Home Depot and I thought they were very inexpensive this year. There's nothing like the smell of real pine all around the house during the Christmas holidays. I even like how the broken pine needles look as they gradually fall on the tree skirt. But, what I like best is the imperfect look of a natural tree.

All of our ornaments and decorations I've gotten after Christmas, I never pay full price!!! I used all white strings of lights because I love how the snowflakes, icicles, and glass and crystal ornaments reflect the glistening lights. A silver and white feather star topper adds the perfect finish.

For the tree skirt I used just a piece of fabric from Jo-Ann's. The nativity set is my favorite. I got it in Quito, Ecuador a very long time ago. It's very special to me because I met the artist who sculptured the one of a kind pieces from raw clay, just for me. I added some sprinkle frosted pine cones around the nativity scene, for that final little touch.

I'm still working on some white garlands, they take a while to put together, almost as long as the tree. I think is because I enjoy creating them so much that I don't want to rush it. Stay tune there's much more Christmas eye candy to come.


  1. Beautiful as usual. Nothing less expected. I love the white and silver.
    Can't wait to see the rest. The vase you decorate for each occasion I am sure will be gorgeous. I can see the sneak peak.

  2. This sure is a winter wonderland....LOVE IT Marlene. May you always be filled with LOVE and PEACE! Have a fabulous week. HUGS, T

  3. nice! very elegant looking! and I so hope to get up & running this week myself!

  4. Absolutely stunning decor and ornaments. Very happy you shared these photos with us.

    x0, Damaris

  5. Oh, it certainly does look like a Winter Wonderland, and so beautiful! Your ornaments ane decorations are so pretty. As I was looking through all the pictures, I felt the love and peace you were talking about, and I'm sure you feel that every day. I enjoyed looking at all your pictures today.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  6. Absolutely wonderful!! Beautifully done!:)

  7. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous Marlene!


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