Friday, November 18, 2011

Goodbye crop for Kathryn :(

This was our goodbye crop for Ms. Kathryn she is moving and we will miss our friend. I remember the first time Olga, Kathryn and I met, we had so much fun. But, we can always find her on her ning sight. We wish her well and a smooth transition. The crop was hosted by sweet Ms. Janet she had a great idea for us to make her individual pendants with our info. Then she stung all of our pendants up into a banner, it turned out beautiful.

This was my first time in the store's new location. OMG I love THE PAPER NICHE the new store is huge, bright, beautiful and fill to the rim with the latest products. I love it!! So worth the 100 mile round trip to get there. I told the owner she needed to open one in Miami.

I met a new friend, she recognized my voice from my You Tube's. I thought that was so funny. Well, she teaches and works at the store. She is amazing, so I'm going to have to sign up to one of her beautiful card making classes.


  1. What an adorable store!! I need to discover a new scrapbooking store around here, I haven't been in one since I've moved to NYC!! Looks like you had tons of fun :)


  2. The banner is gorgeous and the store is incredible... almost heaven?? What a great time you had! I can imagine spending a whole weekend in there.

    Hugs, Sherry

  3. Just went to the Paper Niche yesyterday and it is beautiful....


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