Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Scrappy get together at Mercy's.

This month our scrappy get together was hosted my Mercy I had a great time with all my friend , did not get too much done but we had great conversations. Mercy is a great hostess, she had all this delish food station set up for us and her home is lovely. Thank you Ms. Mercy for hosting and having us in your home.

Once we started talking I totally forgot to take pictures. This is my sweet friend Teri and her little girl Kasi. If you have time you've got to check out Teri's new vid about her scrap room, you won't be disappointed

OK guys talk about a scrap room, this is Mercy's room. Is so beautiful, functional and there is a peace about it, you go in and just want to say HAAAAAAA. Her set up is great she really knows how to maximized her space. Our friend Ana gave her some table tops and she made this beautiful fabric skirt that went all around the table. I love it. OMG and the lighting in her room is amazing. I think I notice that cause the lighting in my work space is so super bad.

Check this out, this her take on the clip it up. Her hubby and her made this out of lamp shades, definitely a focal point, so pretty.

Mercy had this little ledge shelves that goes all around her room on top. She has displayed their all of her bear collection that she's been collecting ever since she was young, they have a name but, I forgot. Her little bears just sit on to and watch over her room, so cute.

This is ANA'S beautiful work, she is amazing.

This is Kathry's beautiful new mini. I want to see it again cause I love her work.


  1. Hey Marlene, you are the best at blogging. I love how you appreciate and praise everyones work and talent and homes. You are such a sweetheart. Can't wait for the next get together.
    Call me this week to go to Bravo's for the beads and then for lunch.

  2. Awww, thanks Marlene for sharing our wonderful time. We really did have a blast that day. You were able to make a couple of layouts but I all I did was organize a couple of pics...LOL. I will be making the video of my new scrapbook room soon. This party was the fire that I needed in order to get me to finish my room. If it weren't for this party, I would still have a boring room. So, thanks to everyone that "forced" me to get it done :)

    Thanks again for sharing, Mercy

  3. Mercy's Scrapbook room is gorgeous. I would love for her to submit to this year's Where Women Create by Karen Valentine. Also please join my blog launch. It's official! Yayyyyy. Come visit us at

    Hope to see you soon! Besitos!!! -Paula


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