Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weekend of junking around in central Florida.

What a great weekend, we started by driving up to Daytona. But the flea market there was a bit of a flop. We did take a drive to the beach, beautiful. We had planned to drive straight down to Miami, then had the last minute idea to stop at Webster. The drive was so beautiful, the flea market is right in central Florida and you get to see all those beautiful farms houses lined with old oak trees full of Spanish moss. Saw plenty of horses and cattle. It's is big deal for a city gal, FUN! OMG I love that flea market, it's huge and everyone is so nice and friendly. So worth the trip!!!
The only bad thing is that I did not had time to call and meet up with my friend Doreen from Tampa. I would of loved to have gone with her, but I'm planning another trip.

I would love to plan a trip with all my local scrappy friends, like a girl trip. We would have so much fun! But if anyone is planning on going, keep in mind they only open on Monday, yes Monday. I'm not sure why that is, but is OK, so worth it.

This is my second time and this time I was ready. You need to go super comfortable and a cart is a must. They open very early. Look at us, we got there when they were just starting to set up. They do start to pick up around 12:00 noon. So skip lunch and just keep on shopping. Here is a great tip; you'll want to start your search from the back to the front. You want to head to the area where the vendors are outside and leave the established vendors for last, cause they take a bit longer to close down. You don't want to miss the outside vendors, they are the best for vintage findings.

Take a look at all this vintage goodness.


  1. Your pics are pure eye-candy, Marlene!

  2. OK Marlene, did you buy it all? Or just some! He he!

  3. OM goodness, you must have had a blast. I would love to be able to get together and go with a group of girls. I am in. I would love to go. Just let me know when and where and what time.

  4. OK, did you buy it all? Or just some? =D Janet

  5. I'm speachless. omg I love everything, and those bottoms. Where in Florida, Can you please email me address. I'm planning this summer to visit my girlfriend and I'm definit will make this a vintage trip.

  6. Just beautiful photography my friend ! Thanks so much for sharing ! Count me in. I am ready to play Hooky on a Monday . LOL Just say the word ! Kind regards,

  7. Hi Evelyn, just click on the link to Websters and all the info. is there. Hope you come down soon.


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