Sunday, April 3, 2011

Scrapbook get together with some amazing friends.

Thank you ladies for coming, we had a great time! Thanks for all the goodies you guys gifted me, OMG I found things this morning that I had not opened yet. I love everything from the tags to the lace, flowers, vintage buttons, plants and even my new "Puertorican" Glimmer Mist. Thank you so much!
Maybe someday we'll have a scrapbooking store in Miami, then we can get together often and crop. But, until them, next month we go to Mercy's can't wait.

They came packing.

Martica had the most wonderful idea, she suggested it'll be great to name our group. Any suggestions ????

We were blessed with a beautiful spring day.

Ms. Olga was having fun, showing us her gorgeous new paper bag mini.

The kids had a blast, look at them, just creating away. Thank you Triny for helping me out.

This sweet and beautiful blessing is Ms. Kasi, Teri's daughter.

My girls were at their "so cute" behaviour, thank God.

I was so touched by the kindness of these ladies. Everyone came with food and baring gifts for me and for each other. Check out this beautiful Orchid gifted to me by my dear friend Janet
She also made me a gorgeous charm.

This was the inspiration station and oh, boy were we inspired. Just take a look at all this paper goodness. Besides the company of my friends, for me, this was the best part. To see all this beautiful work together in one area for my eyes to take it all in.

The table setting was so much fun to put together! These little glass atriums I found while junking around. At the time I had no idea what I would use them for, all I knew was that I loved them. I use some sheet moss for the flooring and them started to play with them.
This was the perfect center piece for my crafty friends, it made me so happy to just see their faces. These ladies are so sweet, kind, creative and talented. I wanted them to feel welcome.

These ceramic mushrooms I found at Pier One and I like how they turned out with these fairies resting on to p of them.

This Little chair was blue and I found it at Joanns. I played with it a little bit and it turned out so cute. I used the little chair to dress up the beverage station.

I put together some paper lanterns, they looked so pretty outside playing with the wind.

Yum! These cupcakes I made specially for my friends. I'm so happy, they were a hit.


  1. Everything looks so beautiful!!! You all look like you had such a great time, and I'm so glad the weather cooperated for you!!!

    The pictures are great!

    P.S. Sorry I can't help you with a name for your group; I'm no good at!

  2. WoW, when you throw a party, you throw a party. I wanna come and hang out with you all. OK, I do have a great group of gals I scrap with - we just haven't done it in a while. Your photos certainly brought back memories! Just beautiful.

  3. OM GEE, Marlene. I had such a great time. Thank you so much for including me in the group. Your house is so warm and inviting. I loved every single detail. I am sure you noticed me looking and admiring everything in it. I love how you have decorated and how every piece of furniture has a purpose. Loved. loved your home. We definitely have to do it again. I would love for us to continue getting together. I am going to plan one at my house, but would love for it to be a weekend event.
    As far as a name, my mind is blank.

  4. Marlene, you were an AMAZING hostess! You brought us all together and treated us like queens in your gorgeous home and exotic backyard paradise! Thank you so much for inviting us and for all your hard work! LOVE YOU!!!

    ~Kathryn :D

  5. What a great day you had!
    If you weren´t living so far away I would´ve asked (begged!) you to invite me, too! :-)
    Your cupcakes look fantastic!
    And how lucky you are to have palm trees in your garden! Sadly winters are too cold here to have some in my garden...
    Have a great week!

  6. Ciao ,che bella cosa condividere le passioni con gli amici,e che bel giardino , anche i cagnolini sono fantastici ,complimenti per tutte queste cose ,un caro saluto Marisa...le tue creazioni sono stupende.

  7. It was wonderful Marlene. Everything was beautiful and delicious and all the ladies were great. Thanks again!

  8. Honey, this was the most AMAZING scrappy outing I have ever been to! It will never be topped in my book and I thank you for all the love you showed us by creating such a beautiful day, God Bless you my friend, Janet =D

  9. Here is all the names I have:
    The Sassy Salsa Scrappers

    Gumbo Mumbo Scrappin' Mamas

    The ScrapperBunch Keys (you know like Florida Keys) (yeah a little corny)
    The Cha Cha Scrapbookers

    The Cha Cha Scrappers

    The Beachcomber Scrappers

    Scrapbookers Caliente Club


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