Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My first time at a bead show.

What can I say WOW, I can so understand why these ladies love beading as much as I love paper crafting. This show was amazing, not too big but loaded with strings and strings of gorgeous beads. I was kinda good.....I was looking for glass beads in my favorite colors and I found them. They also had great deals on connector beads, of course I picked up a few. SHOW

I heard one of the ladies at the show mentioned that there's another show coming to Miami Beach in the Fall. I'm going to research that one, cause I would surely love to attend that one too. Oh God, please don't let me get hooked on beading too.

I seams to be drawn to the color blue latetly, I wounder why???

I started working with my greens and browns first. Thanks to Ms. Olga, this is what I've been practicing on, the twisted loop.


  1. Did you already put all those beads together? I can't believe it. You wasted no time. By the way thank you for coming by yesterday and just hanging out. I had so much fun with you. You are a riot. Next time we have to create more. I do want to go one day to the nursery's on Krome. I want to buy some more plants just to put around the other large ones. I am so glad you love the garden like me. We will definitely have fun whether it is junking, scrapping or gardening.
    Thanks again and can't wait to do it again.

  2. I love beading, Marlene. You will ove it too. I got hooked and nevered stopped. Love all your beads you got. TFS... Hugs, Friday

  3. Marlene...sounds like a natural progression to me...from loving all of the bling you collect to collecting beads and creating your own bling! ;-)
    You WILL get hooked, my friend! :-)
    Hugs, Diane

  4. Hi Marlene,
    Ohhh Ahhh, some yummy treasures you have there!
    Can't wait to see what comes out of all those beads.
    Happy creating,

  5. Marlene these look so so pretty,and, beading is vert relaxing! I so loved the photos from your previous post too.....enjoy enjoy..have a good Easter

  6. Oh Marlene....these are gorgeous!!!! I am so sad I missed it. My step daughter was in town until Sunday and I just didn't have time to go :( I had planned on going Saturday but it was just impossible. Enjoy your goodies and I'm sure YOU WILL be getting hooked on beading....I AM!!! Love ya girlie! Teri

  7. Oh Yeah...now you have gone and done it! You will be addicted to beads and all of their beauty and possibilities. It is a very good thing!!! Happy beading...

  8. Too late to get hooked, you're a gonner! =D Janet

  9. Wow Marlene...they are beautiful!! I think you have gotten hooked :) Mercy


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