Sunday, March 20, 2011

What I've been working on.

I could not miss this month's ATC swap at YPP the theme was Alice and you know I love Alice. This is my take on it. For the background I tea dyed, iron, glued and stamped on used dryer sheets. I love how they turned out. I'll be doing a You Tube with more details.

I found this cute glass birdie. I painted her beack with a pink marker and glued some feathers. She now shines and dangles over my work area, oh so pretty.


  1. How cute are those ATC cards. Love them. And what can I say about the birdie. Super duper cute. Where did you find the birdie? I love him or is it a her?

  2. Marlene~ I love your atc cards! Your glass bird is gorgeous as well! :) Can't wait for the video!

  3. Thanks Ana, of couse my birdie has to be a her. I think it's a Christmas ornament I fell in love with.

  4. I love your Alice ATC's! Oh, that Alice- how she inspires! :)

  5. Hey Marlene, I love your blog, it's so adorable! I have a blog award waiting for you over at my blog.
    I hope you stop by and pick it up.
    Hugs, Leslie


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