Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shopping day! What FUN.

Scrappy Tuesday turned into shopping Tuesday. Olga played hookie from work, I had nothing to do with that LOL, and picked me up. We met the Broward girls Janet and Dale for some shopping fun over at The Paper Niche. Boy can time fly when you're in a scrapbooking store with friends. We had a great time over lunch, we really need to do this more ofter.
Thank you Dale and Jane for the goodies you gave me, love them.

I think I was really a good girl. This is all I got.


  1. Hey Marlene. You all seem like you had a great time. Yes, you really were a good girl. Love the ribbons.

  2. What a FUN bunch :) Love you girls!! Can't wait to see you all soon!! Love ya, T

  3. Happy Friday Marlene. I love the always have amazing finds to share. I always enjoy looking at all your pics.

    Lisa (themousesden)

  4. Great pictures! Glad you girls had a great time!

  5. oh my oh my oh my -- you can come shopping with me any time! You find the coolest stuff!


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