Sunday, January 2, 2011

Testing my new camera.

OMG I love this camera, this is my patio and back yard at dusk with no flash. Every time I step outside I feel like I've been transported to some exotic and romantic land. To think that with the exception of a few things, I've created this retreat with hand me downs, thrift shops and garage sale finds, not bad huh.

These Moroccan lanterns are my latest find. I got them while junking around central Florida with my friends Olga and Rita. LOVE them!


  1. Oh, this looks great!!!! Breathtaking beautiful!!!
    It must be wonderful to live in a place like that! And how lucky you are to have palm trees in your garden!(Vienna is too windy, cold and wet for that all.)
    Congrats on your new cam :-)!

  2. Oh MY! You have been busy creating the most lovely things! I hope we can get together soon! =D Janet

  3. Wow. how breath taking. I can not wait to move where I can open my door and see palm trees. My hubby said he'll put one in my back yard, and mind you I live were is now 30de. He's being a clown. lol


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