Monday, December 20, 2010


I began by clearing a small amount of counter space. All I used was a stainless steel salad bowl for the actual tea dyeing, and a dripping pan to catch the drips and do the oven drying on the tags.

The best coffee for me to use is instant coffee, any brand will do. I followed the directions and I did a few test pieces. I ended up doubling the coffee amount for a deeper darker shade of dye that I love.

First I dyed the fabric, I let the fabric soak for 5 to 7 minutes. I had a mix of all kinds of cotton and synthetic blends of fabric, so all the pieces turned out in different shades, some were creamier than other.

Now with my tags, I guess the soaking time depends on how dark you want them to be. I found that paper soaked in the dye faster than the fabric did. It's important to remember to move the tags around the soak, so as not to let them stick together.

I chose to dry my tags in the oven, I place them on a cookie sheet, not touching each other for 10 minutes in a 290 degree temp.

These are already dried.

I love how they turned out, so imperfect in color and in texture too, just lovely.

For most of my ribbons and laces I just used the dryer.

I used rayon seam binding. For a wrinkle look, I crunched all the binding in a ball and put 3 rubber band around it and place the ball in full sun. Every hour or so I would undo the ball and re-wrap it again. The sun makes the edges of the binding look darker as it dries and it's beautiful.

For my cheese cloth, I just dried it over my garden furniture and that turned out very nicely too.

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  1. Truly scrumptuous! I love the edges of the seam binding!


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