Monday, September 13, 2010

Meeting Marelys for the first time.

When I first started scrap booking I thought no one scrap booked here in South Florida. We only have one scrap booking store other than Michaels and Joans and I thought, where will I meet other ladies that like what I like. I tell you, I have been blessed, little by little I keep meeting these lovely ladies that really understand my passion for this craft.
I met Marelys via YouTube, her name is "YEYA 1978" take a peek at her work. We met over by her work during her lunch hour, her hubby and sister-in-law came and we had the greatest time. They make the cutest couple, so young, smart and funny.

Marelys, Martica and I.


  1. Hi Marlene~
    What a lovely blog. Your photos are wonderful and the little ATC's for July 4th are spectacular. I have always wondered about ATC's and what they were about. Thanks for visiting me at Thoughts of Whimsy!

  2. Hope super beautiful and happy scrappy you all are!! love it!!
    great place to live!!
    witha grin,
    steff ;)

  3. How fun!! It is nice to have people to share the love of a passion with, its wonderful that you are making so many friends.

  4. You guys look like you are having fun! I love how many scrappers are popping up around here!

  5. It looks like you're all having a wonderful time! Isn't it just great to meet new friends with the same interests?!!!


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