Tuesday, August 17, 2010

So much fun, so little time.

This so cute altered project was done by my niece. She came over very early in the morning and all we did was work on projects. She's an amazing child growing fast into a young lady, she's smart and always caring for other peoples feelings. I'm so blessed to have her in my life. My sister and her hubby are great parents and it shows in everything this child does and says.
Well, I had to get this kit when I saw it, cause it was so her. The kit is from Cosmo Cricket and it's call Material Girl, the little house was a $2.00 find from the thrift shop.
I love being an aunt!
Quick story..... It's got to be hard being a GOOD parent. My 6 year old nephew is going into the 1st grade. I have always, in the past gotten them their first phone. Well this year this little guy tells me he wanted a phone. I thought it was kinda early but, I got it for him anyway. Big mistake, I didn't think of running it by my sis and she was not happy when I gave it to him.
This of course is not new to me, I've gotten in trouble for things like this before. I think that must be the hardest part of parenting, knowing when to say no.
Ofcourse I tell them what a great job they're doing with their kids, It's true! So the kids always get to keep what I get them.
I love being an aunt!

Take a look at my first pin swap, I got a little carried away with the feathers. I forgot it was a pin swap and not a feather swap.

This "RICH" tag was gifted to me by my friend OLGA, she is a beautiful person inside out and her work is classy all they way. The ATC card I made for the June swap. I have to tell you these are great FUN to make.

Feast your eyes on these beautiful pieces of art work. Thank you ladies!

OK, I couldn't stop making pins, they are cheaper than therapy.


  1. Marlene!! :) 1st ...oh holy smokes..i love the super cute project you did with your niece! and BONUS was the thrift store house find.. omg!! what a great idea Marlene!! Ok.. and you are a GREAT wonderful aunt! Your sister and niece and nephew are sooo lucky!! :) I'm sure THEY KNOW.. AND I bet your niece is thrilled she gets 'aunty Marlene time'!! YOU ROCK WITH YOUR TALENTS and with your Heart! :) super exciting!! and yes, its hard being a parent..but it sure helps to have Aunts and Uncles who love our kids just as much as we do!! GREAT POST!

    With a grin,

  2. Cute project with your neice and a great find. Love love love your pins, Marlene!! I agree with you about Olga, she has a Huge Heart!! Beautiful tag and ATC. I want to get involve in this swap in Sept. TFS !!

  3. Hi marlene,thanks for visiting my blog.I love your photos of pretty things.I so adore the pins too.lol@therapy

    Happy week to you!

  4. OMG.. Your niece has talent.. That house is adorable and those pins are to die for... You are on a roll Marlene. I hope you didn't get into too much trouble about the phone thing. I'm sure your sister knew you meant well and that was a great aunt gift too. You are definitely the favorite aunt in their eyes.
    xoxo, Ady

  5. awwww!!!! What wonderful memories you and your niece have together!!!!!! I adore that house! And your pins! :O)

  6. Wow! What a wonderfully talented lady you are!!! Yes, it is truly a Blessing and a gift to you! I hope you always appreciate it.

    You have a wonderful blog -- such a beautiful and relaxing place to visit and be inspired!!!

    I'll be back soon!


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