Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Knock me over beautiful gift box from my hometown new friend Olga.

Just wanted to share with all of you this so heart felt RAK from Olga. I met Olga over at the "Beach" and I was so thrilled to learn that she lives here, in Miami. She ask me for my address and mailed me these goodies. How kind and thoughtful! Everything was so beautifully packaged and all the goodies are mono-chromatic, how gorgeous is that.
I'm so looking forward to meeting her and to personally see some of her beautiful work. Olga is very talented with her mix media art, see her blog HERE
Thank you Olga for your kindness and thoughtfulness! You send me way too many goodies and I will soon put them to good use. OMG, such beautiful little notes she put in the box. Sooooo sweet.


  1. Oh you lucky girl getting so much love in the mail. Olga is very generous, I am going to visit her next. Darling I popped in to wish you a spring full of blessings and happiness. May you always receive treasures like this one, enjoy your pressies in good health.

    Love & Hugs

  2. Marlene what an absolutely lovely blog you have over here ! So much to see and all eye candy! Thanks so much again for visiting my shop and blog!
    xxxx Julia

  3. wow what an array of beautiful stuff.. enjoy creating with it.

  4. Wow, beautiful things, I bet that made your day! Love your blog too!

  5. Wishing you a happy spring, with new growth both in your garden and for you. Love Olga's gift, really special, for a really elegant lady.
    You deserve it Marlene, Enjoy
    Arohanui X
    :-) Me

  6. What a lovely blog and so much beauty to look at! Love your RAK!! How wonderful for you!

    Your images are just beautiful! What camera do you use? Such clarity! I have a problem with my pictures, would love to know how you do it:)
    Hugs, Lori

  7. Loving your blog Marlene! Such a Visual Treat! And..OMG!! Love this Lace!!!


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