Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Am I ready ? NO ..... But, my gosh I did it anyway! My first YouTube.

I'VE BEEN BUSY!!! It took me for ever, but I did it. It feels soooooooo good beacuse I finally built up the courage to do a video on You Tube. I need a lot of practice!!! I'm really not a techie, it was my first time using the video on my camera, I was all over the place and the quality OMG. I need to get with it.
I had to post it like this, with a link because I haven't figure out how to post the actual video to my blog. Can anyone help out there???? Take a look at my first You Tube. Tube


  1. yeah for You Tube! Love all the goodies you bought... and I can't wait to see more of your Christmas album! :)

  2. Hey Marlene, Your house is so beautiful. I love the deco during the holidays. I can only be that good. You don't need send me anything. You are soooooo sweet. If you insist I will send you a message on your Youtube. Thanks a bunch... Hugs, Tereese (aka Friday)

  3. cute mini... very detailed...


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