Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall 2009

Ahhh... Fall! My favorite time of the year.......... we grew up in Chicago but, been in Miami for a while now. I still miss the changing of the seasons. When the trees start to turn, the air gets cool and crisp. Oh my, the need for a sweater. Back to reality, I'll die if I wear a sweater!!! I live in Miami. OMG, I just pray for a little cooler weather, please god. But, in life we must make the best of everything and here I can enjoy my garden all year round, or should I say, my paradise. I so looooove my beautiful garden!
I try to make my environment as fally (is that a word?) as possible.I try to decorate my whole house. My favorite invention-decoration is a big 3 feet glass vase that sits on a table behind my sofa. I tucked some burlap in the vase with some acorns and twigs. I found these real looking branches at Michael's, and I glued a bunch of leave from our family trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. These rustic looking branches droop way up and over the sofa, when you sit and look up it's FALL and oh...sooo cute! my own fall tree.



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