Monday, May 22, 2017

Happy Planner, May. What a life saver!

My planner has saved me from so many mistakes. To say that I've been busy this past month is an understatement. We prepped, listed and closed on our home so fast, wow. My hubby worked through the very end, actually he only took one week of vacation for the actual move. He was able to transfer, it was actually seamless, for sure that was God helping us all the way!.  

                         Loving the little sunglasses, it's a sticker, so cute. Pretty color too.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Welcome to Alabama, a garden lovers treat.

What a way to welcome in our new community. God's timing is always perfect, it turns out that we got here just in time for the 2017 Spring Homer Garden Tour. This annual event is put together by the  local botanical gardens, of course my first place to check out for inspiration. We had the most amazing day. I'm not sure what was prettier getting lost on beautiful winding country side roads or discovering one of a kind garden gems and little private secret gardens hiding behind old reclaimed farm houses. 
The first home on the tour was Jodie & Bill Durden's, she graciously greeted  and welcomed  us, you know gardeners, when we get talking about plants..... The Durden gardens are blessed with lots of sun and shade loving plants. The front courtyard welcomes visitors with a tropical feel and the most beautiful blooms. In every corner there was something beautiful to discover, I loved the water features. This home owner loves color and she combined them well. My favorite pop of color was her bright and happy yellow garage side door. It was ankered by two black topiary planters, oh so beautiful. Enjoy the tour!

Friday, May 12, 2017

She's excited and ready for new adventures in the country, thank you Lord.

Our Pearly is all packed and shrink wrapped, ready to go and explore our new country life. Oh yes, we finally did what we've been wanting to do for a while now. We've been getting our home prepped but, had no idea it would sell in just one weekend, WOW. 
We're leaving our urban city life in Miami for the slow pace of a small country town in LA, that would be lower Alabama. lol. Not sure if we're going to want to buy our new home in town or on the outskirts of it, like my sister did. For now we're in temporary housing, let our new life adventure begin.   
We're so happy and full of excitement in anticipation for what awaits us. God put this in my heart a while back and we just ran with it. He made it all possible for us. I will miss the other half of my family that's in Miami that's for sure, but we're only a state away and our mom is coming with us for a few months. My mom is a trooper and with  more energy than a three year old, she's happy and exited too.  You never know what the future awaits, but what I do know for sure is that it's all part of God's big plan and he's awesome. 

Happy Planner layout.

This has to be once of my favorite Happy Planner layouts and I think it's because it's my Jamo's birthday week. I used a combination of all sorts of things, stickers, cutouts and bits and pieces from old paper collections. It all kinda seams to work together somehow. 

                      Loving these new paper clips, I think they're adorable and I use them a lot.

Getting our home prep and ready.

It's been a very exciting and busy last few months for my Jamo and I. Here we just finished adding these beautiful "new to us" urns that my sister gave me. I love them, they have so much possibilities and I can't wait to play with them. We added fresh red mulch and cleaned the garden beds. Everything looks fresh and ready.