Friday, April 8, 2016

Beautiful spring day in Miami.

During my morning walk around the garden, the plants were not calling me today. It was the pool that was saying, get in, get in. Is still way to cold for swimming, but I can't wait. I usually do get a lot done on hot days. I get in and out to cool down  and before I know it, all the garden work is done. 
Not today, my plans are to hang around the house and get some crafting done. But you know how that goes when you make plans. 


  1. That pool, your entire garden to be hones, would call for me too.
    What a lovely outdoor space you have.
    We have been postponing the pool. Most of our friends who built when their kids were younger now regret the decision because it's lots of work ad the kids - no longer small - are out and about.
    But seeing yours made me want to call hubby and ask for it for this summer. I love that picture of the cat. It looks a lion... not so far off if we think.

  2. Your home looks like a resort! Very Tropical nice!

  3. Oh to have a pool, like Teresa said they are a lot of work but a lot of fun also for get togethers.

    It looks so pretty just picture perfect. I think I would get in everyday by myself


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