Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015.

This year it was held at my sister's Alina. Her little one started calling me early in the day to let me know how the table was tuning out. This kid is just adorable, he then wanted me to bring paper so that we could make the name tags that he saw me do at another dinner. When I got there he wanted to do a menu. I think he did a great job,  turned out so cute. 

My sister had this sweet collection of books about Thanksgiving. You know I love anything vintage or vintage looking.

My sister Mayra made these for the kids. They have popcorn in them for watching movies latter on. I think this is a great ides.
                                           She also made the Turkey, OMG it was so delish.

                                                                       Love the table.

                                  My sister Mayra found this a thrift shop, I love this piece.

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