Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sweet birthday gifts from my friend Wanda.

Her work is always amazing and I love having a piece of her art. These pictures do no justice, she made me a gorgeous banner. Those paper ballerinas are so beautiful. Her cards are the best. I will treasure them always. Thank you my friend. 

           This is a Christmas ornament, she backed it with a gorgeous crochet doily. Just precious.  .

                         These are so adorable, would look beautiful hanging from a book shelf.

                                   This is her card that she made with some Tilda paper, love it.


  1. Such a beautiful's so special when a gift is handmade especially for you....
    Happy Birthday.....


  2. Such a pretty display of some lovely things. I've not checked my blog info for quite sometime, guess I use the bloglovin / google + and emails more so checked that from your sidebar. Time just goes so fast and so many things on my daily list. Enjoy a lovely week.


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