Sunday, November 15, 2015

My sister's annual Christmas fair. I want one of each, but they always sell out.

My sister China and her best bud Beth work really hard to pull off their annual craft fair. The fair is held on base and they do get a little help with the set up but, pretty much they're on their own. The area where they live in a beautiful rural country area that is prime real state for antiquing, estate sales, garage sale and year long junking.  I think they have the most fun collecting goodies to re-do and stock up their store booth. I  always make sure to  check on Monday, just to hear about their great finds of the weekend. Every year they do a great job with this event, but this year, OMG. I'm loving that red vintage suite case, oh those snow mans and the Santa dressed in camo, he's so cute.  

OMG, love the register. Where did they find that? Got to find out.  I sure hope they didn't sell it.  

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  1. Oh my what gorgeous items....I could see why you would love to have one of each....I want one of each as
    Wishing you a great week up ahead....



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