Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Having a great 30th anniversary of my 25th birthday.

 Started the day by doing an early spinning class with my sweet friend Teresa, feeling great. Now relaxing with my hubby who is not working today, just hanging out with me. What makes my birthday extra special is that it's also our wedding anniversary, how great is that. 

                                         Love him, this man keeps me laughing everyday.

It's also my BFF's birthday. We met in Elementary school in an ESL class in Chicago, we had both just gotten to the states from Cuba, in 1970. I was just happy I found a Cuban friend and soon found out we shared the same birthday and we were born in the same hospital, just hours apart. What are the odds of that??? Now she also lives in Florida, about 4 hours from me.  This picture was taken at our 50th birthday cruise. Love Sonia, we had the best time in high school. She will always be a part of my life.  


  1. Wow how wonderful that you get to celebrate you Birthday and Anniversary together, I wish you a very Happy Birthday and Anniversary :-)
    And to have your best friend share your birthday is totally Awesome......


  2. Okay, so I had to slow down and really think through the meaning of your blog title. Very clever!! You and your "guy" make a very handsome couple!! Here's to you remaining 25 for another 30 years!

  3. OH Happy Birthday and happy Anniversary

    My BFF are in other states and I so wish we could have spent our birthday next week togeteher

  4. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and anniversary. You and your husband make such a handsome couple. Just keep celebrating and enjoying life....I know you do! Sweet hugs, Diane


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