Monday, October 12, 2015

Oh yes, my Papayas.

This plant is unbelievable, I have never seen anything like this before. You can't even see the trunk, it's all fruits and its the pink one. I have another baby plant coming up, let's see if it's as prolific  as this one. Planning on canning some and I want to try the Thai salad that I keep reading about on Pinterest. 
Well this week I plan to start my seedlings. Going back to my garden journal to make sure I don't make the same mistakes again. Been cleaning and trimming all around the garden. Have my beds ready with fresh compost, all I need are the plant and I'm all set. It's still a bit hot down here.     

Been using compost tea all around the garden. To be honest, have not seen a difference yet, but I've only done it twice, I'm one of those impatient gardeners, lol . Let's see what happens, if all the hype about compost tea is true.

I'm really loving my bins. I've been turning them just about very day and it take about four weeks and it's ready to use. So worth the initial investment, love them.

                                             This is what my tea looked like, loving it.

                         Our Perly with her cuteness on. We're so blessed to have her, love her so much.

These guys are special, they were borne inside a garden pot in our back porch and the mama had a broken leg and she was still nursing them when we notice.  It was so sad because we had to put the mama down, she had a bad infection. James took over and they are healthy and so gentle. They made a hammock out of the lawnmower bag and that's ok by us. I'm so allergy to them but I still pet them just about every day, with my hands covered and my inhaler handy. My hubby those handle them and gives them plenty of human love.

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  1. Oh you huge garden plant is so pretty
    And your sweet little doggie
    And bless you for saving the poor kittens, so sorry about the moma
    You have a very good full life I see
    I need to get my garden beds cleaned out before our first frost because I know it's coming
    I have read about that garden Tea and that it really helps bedding plants, however it sure does stink


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