Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Walkabout the garden.

Wanting to play in the garden so bad, but OMG It's so hot, it's unbearable really even the pool water is hot. So I did the next best thing, just went for walk, no garden work for me today.  

So excited, I just inherited all these mature Roses from a sweet client that is down sizing. Hubby and and I went to pick them up last week. I need to prune and top dress, maybe a little fertilizer.  Can you say HAPPY.

Planning on starting a compost bin this fall. So I've started collecting my brown stuff. Just raked this path that's under an old Bottle Brush tree, it's seams to always be shedding it's leaves so I think it will be a great resource for me.

                               Some plants I started from cuttings, doing well in the shade.

                                                  Baby Elephant Ears, love lots of water.

          Ghost Pepper doing well, but I think I'm going to cover it a bit with piece of shade cloth.

                                                 They're doing great. But starting to slow down.

                                           My Rosemary seams to love this hot weather.

My Spanish Mint is thriving. I got a few cuttings from a neighbor and I can't believe how well it's doing, it just took off.  Planning on soon making more from cutting to give out to friends and family. I love it for tea.

                               Want to create a new garden path this fall, when it gets cooler.

James and I have been enjoying some cool Coconut water this summer, he uses a drill and it works perfectly. I don't want to see my hubby with a machete in his hand, I want him to keep all his fingers.

  • Some times we miss some and they just dry out. But I still like to look at our creator's beautiful works of art. 

                    A beautiful rusty garden angel that my friend Janet gave me a long time ago.

  These guys have a good life back here, they have two ceiling fans that are always one. But It's still hot so they sleep most of the day. I wish I was not so allergic and I can bring them in and pet them without having to cover my hands. They're so cute and we love them. It's Geneva and Men's Health, Geneva cause she's always neutral and gets along with everyone and Men's Health like the magazine because the coat resembles a six pack. I know, I know.

This is his spot, he loves it under the Heliconias, he's not a friendly guy and seams to always be mad, but that's ok. He gets along with the other cats, I think he just does not trust humans, we still feed him and he's always welcome.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. I've been MIA this summer, so many Life events !! Enjoy a lovely Sunday.


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