Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Composter in the house.

I've been so wanting to start composting for a while now. But I wasn't  sure how I really wanted to do it, there's  so much out there. Finally I decided on a tumbler,
we do live in the city and I think this will be the easiest way for us to handle it.
 I asked hubby to get me one and he showed with 3 of them, yay. I'm so excited, can't wait to see the final results. They've been up for a couple of weeks now and I followed all that I read on line. Every time I open the bins to add water I expect a foul smell, but not at all. It really smells kinda sweet and earthy, I love it. We turn them every day and they are HOT, getting those microbes going.  So I hope in a few weeks we'll get some good stuff.     

Yes, these are grass clippings in our living room, I was saving them and I didn't want the cats using them.

                                      Some brown stuff, hopefully we'll get some worms.

                Dried laves from my Bottle Brush tree, no need to shred them, they are perfectly small.

                                                 Not fat or meats here, just vegie scraps.

                           I've been researching drip irrigation and this company gets my vote.

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  1. Hey! like your compost tumbler. I think that is the best way to get good compost and quick too. I have the old fashion bin with a lid. Hubby and I usually turn it every other week. Good look with it. Thanks for the tip on the drip irregation too. : ) Anything to make our garden work easier.


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