Saturday, November 15, 2014


    OK soap box time, you've been warned. I just saw this beautiful picture of a gorgeous new resort in my native Cuba, one of the world's last communist regimes. Maybe built and backed by some middle eastern interest group, of course using another name, who knows. A country where peaceful demonstrators, independent journalists and human right activists are persecuted, tortured, jailed and vanished on a regular basis. But I guess if you stay in one of these resorts you won't see much of that. By the way, a Cuban citizen can not even put a foot in the door here. Me for one, will never give a penny of my hard earned US dollar to this dictator and tyrant that continues to rape a country and it's people. While of course blaming all the misery of the Cuban people to the " Imperialist Yankees" and it's supposed embargo. Don't get me started the embargo crap, that's another joke
    It saddens me so when I see other Cubans reminiscing about the old Cuba. But, I believe that Cuba is gone, berried under the rubble of an oppressor and his stupid supporters that have no morals and love of God. I guess that also happens in other oppressed countries too, but since I'm Cuban..... I love what I have become, I was borne in Cuba and I love that. Cuba gave me my amazing parents, family, culture, music and of course food. I can eat a cheeseburger along with black rise and beans. I can listen to Kiss and Celia Cruz. I think of myself as a tree that God created, my roots are Cuban but the tree is all USA baby. I thank God for this amazing country that opened it's doors to my family and to my father that had the forethought to get us out. How do you repay that ??? By thanking God every day, by loving and respecting this country. By contributing to society and by defending and loving the "Yankees".
    As for me I will never go to Cuba until It's FREE. Time for lunch, maybe a Cuban Sandwich, lol.   


  1. Dear Marlene,
    My best friends are Cubans. My Husband and I have known them for over 20 years and I have heard the stories of Cuba in the past. It sounded like a place of paradise at one time. It breaks my heart to hear their parents and older relatives at the gatherings of what Cuba was like and how they had to flee for their lives.
    I'm sure there are many stories like the ones I have heard.
    Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful day my Friend. : )

  2. Lo de culpar al imperialismo, es algo normal en los regímenes comunistas, estoy de acuerdo contigo muestran una cara a los visitantes, cuando la realidad es otra. Por desgracia aquí en Venezuela estamos por el mismo camino y peor, porque ademas de un desgraciado comunista, también tenemos el hampa, quienes son los verdaderos dueños de este país y ni los extranjeros pueden venir. Parece que no aprendemos de los demás y cometemos los mismos errores y peores, de montar cualquier basura en el poder y después no tener la valentía de sacarlos.

  3. I have never been to Cuba or any type of resort.
    If I was to travel to a country, I would want to see the real country…not the parts that are painted with a facade.


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