Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mom's been crocheting.

I went to visit my mom today. We didn't  do any gardening because it's been raining all day. I did take some pictures of her cute little herb garden that I will share latter. I had asked my mom, a while back, to make me a cover for an old but very useful hot water bottle. I had seen the idea on Pinterest and I showed it to her. She had no patter to go by, just made it up as she went along. She made me matching slippers, so cute. I love the soft pink flowers and the leaves.  Well she kept going and now we can't stop her, she's made some for everyone. I think they are adorable. My mom is amazing, there's nothing she can't do. 


  1. Oh my! Those little booties and slippers are all adorable! I love that soft beige in the first photo and your cover. She really IS amazing! The little added buttons and flowers are precious too! WOW! She is talented....and so are you! Hugs to you both!

  2. Beautiful water bottle cover and slippers to match. They are so you. The rose are so sweet. Yes, Mom are amazing. : ) I have some covered hangers that my Mom made for me many years ago. They are starting to show their age. I love them and hope next year to learn some beginner crochet, so I can make myself some. My Mom tried to teach me but I just did not have the patience back then. Maybe now, we will see.
    Have a wonderful day and hope you will be able to get back into your garden. Here, it is so beautiful outside. Fall here in southern California is really the best time of year. That is just my opinion.

  3. Those slippers are so cute well the hot water bottle cover is also.
    I remember my grandmother made those slippers for me and my sister when we were little , tell your Mom she does beautiful work


  4. Beautiful!! Your mother did such a great job and so creative. I am envious. My mother used to knit slippers for me and also my children. She is unable to now days but we all miss her slippers. Take care, Darlene

  5. I'd say she's quite an accomplished crocheter - what great projects.


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