Friday, October 17, 2014

Decorating for fall.

I needed a centerpiece for this coffee tabel. So I came up with this quick and simple little vignette. The rustic box I got from my sister and the rest I had. My goal was to use what I had and not purchase new items. I think I pulled it off.  


  1. Great job of using what you have and putting together such a beautiful Fall tablescape. Falling into Autumn Bliss...

  2. I love it...and even a precious mouse in the mix. I have some Fall things....I need to put them together and see if I can create a pretty vignette. Happy weekend! Hugs, Diane

  3. Love, love, love, love, love!!!! One day I will get to Florida just to visit you and your beautiful home!

  4. This is beautiful. I love the crochet runner as a base for all those lovely fall things. Well done. PS I dropped by from Tracy's blog.

  5. Hi Marlene,
    You have beautiful Fall decorations.
    Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day.


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