Monday, May 19, 2014

It's the cute little things that make me happy.

These little aprons looks so sweet that I just had to find a way to display them for a while.

Love her, I think I will make her a pencil holder so that I can keep her on top of my desk and enjoy  her all year long. But for now I get to enjoy her like this.


  1. Aprons are a costume that somehow is getting lost... and what a shame as there are some precious pieces, wonders of craft and blessed hands.
    And that's the first time I realized you could bring them out of trunks and enjoy.
    Thank you for sharing and Enjoy,

  2. Oh I love your sweet aprons, they look really pretty dressing up your chairs...
    But I'm in love with your lady vase, her face is just so sweet....
    Thanks for sharing your pretties ;-)



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