Friday, February 28, 2014

My garden in very early spring, well I'm calling it spring.

Had some time to play in my garden. I really did not plant much, but cleaned up a bit. The weather has been divine, it's not hot at all and I so enjoy this time of year. I'm getting some different blooms and pretty colors. I have a new magazine that I'm not peeking in till I can carve sometime to just relax and sit out back and enjoy it, maybe this weekend.

I'm really happy about these guys. we've already had some and they are sweet and delicious.   


  1. Good morning Marlene. Your garden look so beautiful with all the shades of pinks and reds. Dates! love dates and love them bacon wrapped. I can't wait to get out to the garden centers to pick up some tomatoes plants. I was planning that this weekend but we are in the third day of heavy rains in California. It is so sad that California dose not have enough water tanks and dams to capture all the rain that God is given us.
    Anyway, have a wonderful weekend and happy gardening and crafting.

  2. WOW! Your garden is fabulous, Marlene.
    Enjoy it very much! We can't say we're having Spring... one day we think so and in the other Winter returns and says "not so fast"... I'm taking comfort that I might get lovely roses of so much water - they always say Roses love wet Winters and it doesn't get much wetter than this ahahaha
    Enjoy Spring, Dear Friend in your beautiful and almost Spanish Garden.

  3. beautiful garden I will glad when spring gets here we have had so much snow im sick of it

  4. Hello Marlene, your garden is a sight for sore eyes! We have been in winter here and I haven't even dared to dream about tomatoes yet. lol! Your flowers and fruit look wonderful. Go ahead and call it spring : ) I would too with all this lush vegetation around me.
    "Happy Spring!"


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