Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Noche Buena. 2013.

In the Cuban tradition we celebrate Noche Buena, wish is Christmas eve. On Noche Buena we have all traditional Cuban food, that's so good.  Then we do a brunch for Christmas day, wish means left overs, my fav. Our day started by baking some goodies at our house, of course James had to help me and it all turned out so delish.   

                       This year Noche Buena was hosted by my little sister Alina and her beautiful family.

                             My sweet mom making her famous Cuban mojo, OMG that's so good.

                        This is the dessert table and it's always my favorite. Ok, so I have a sweet tooth.

 Can you see Tim Holtz die cuts, my decor contribution. I think they're so cute in just plain white card stock.

                                                    The kids made these cookies, so delish.

My sister Alina is such a good mom, these kids are loving, kind, smart and they know about God.  She's always had them in all kinds of activities. I really don't know how she does it all, and she works outside her home too.

We were blessed this year with great weather and it even got a little cooler so we got built a fire and if you're from Florida you know that's a treat for us.

My mom always gets to take a picture with Santa, she loves Santa and Santa loves her. Santa is my sister's hubby. Don't know how much longer Santa can keep coming, they're growing fast.

We're four sisters, I'm the oldest. This is Mayra, the second oldest, she's also another super mom.  

                               My other sister Dolly's kids were so missed, but we'll get to see them soon.

Santa does bring them each one early gift. These kids were so darn cute, I could of taken them all home with us, for a little while, lol.

I remember when Santa was coming for him, he was one cute kid. Now he's this smart and funny young man away in school, how did that happen. 

This is my friend Gloria, we've had some fun times together. My sister married her brother, how cool is that. 

                My cutie of a  hubby, always making jokes and keeping me laughing. I think that's one of the                         things  I love most about this man.


  1. Merry Christmas Marlene. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family photos. Happy New Year too!.
    Bobbie Lynn

  2. Merry Christmas Marlene!!! Wonderful family photos!


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