Saturday, August 17, 2013


Ok, so my mom had more re-cycle goodies for my annual garage sale. Of course I found thing that I'm so not selling, I always do.

                                 I think I'm turning all of these into bulletin boards of some kind.

       This antique folding table was my sister Dolly's, that she did not take to Alabama with her. My mom asked if I wanted it, gorgeous, look at the vintage  caster wheels.

My sweet mom with the help of my sister, have been de-cluttering and revamping her little sewing studio. She no longer needed this chair and no one wanted it, so she gave it to me. I have plans for her.

This so cute little apron I think must of belong to one of my nieces. I love the print, I collect vintage paper dolls, so you know I'm also keeping this little treasure.

 Ok now for my project. I turned one of the picture frames into this shabby bulletin board. It was black so I started by first painting it in a soft cream, then I sanded it down a bit. The final step was to give it a light brown glazed for a vintage look.  I covered the back with white burlap and just embellished.  I used fabric glue and liquid nail to make sure it all stayed on really well. I got this idea from a few pins on Pinterest, I love Pinterest. Thanks to my friend Teri, who was the first that turn me on to it.


  1. Beautiful Marlene! I love all the little details. You did an amazing job there! ~Els.

  2. Your bulletin board is beautiful! I may have to try one. I have some of my Mother's beautiful bling jewelry and it is all in a box. Maybe I could incorporated them into a pretty board for my bedroom. Thanks for the inspirations. : ) What an adorable table and that chair is lovely. I can see that in your patio too.
    Have a beautiful Sunday.

  3. This is lacilicious and practical. What a lovely way to show off vintage doilies and sewing supplies and at the same time enhance a wall and enjoy seeing what you have. I love it! Creative Happy Hearts...


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