Sunday, August 18, 2013


I have so many projects that I want to finish. They're not big projects, and I'm not one to rush, I like to enjoy what I'm doing. As far as our garden, most of the cleaning is done. All we have left is the pressure cleaning  and I like to pressure clean. Then the best part, we have plans for some new planting, can't wait
For now this is what I have been working on indoors.
These little 3 letter signs I made out of children wooden play blocks. I started by painting the edges of the blocks in white and then I covered the blocks with scrapbooking paper.  I used a Tim Holtz  pin and added the letters. The best part was embellishing the blocks.

These are button bomb bombs and I got this idea from a Sumerset magazine. I have plans for them too, they're going to be part of a project that I'm working on. I'll share it once it's all done.  All that it is,  a round magnet,  buttons and a bling on top, all glued with liquid nails.

These are up coming projects and I can't wait to start painting and de-stressing. Will share once they're  all done. Going to be playing with some home made chalk paint that my sister gave me some tips on and her secret recipe. I can't wait to get started.

This is a huge Lazy Susan that was also a hand me down from one of my sisters and I love it. All that I've done to it  so far is that I've primed the marble, actually I'm not sure if it's marble cause I don't find it that heavy. I'm using  Kilz, for none porous surface. I love this stuff and I'm running low. I've been using this forever and it's amazing how the price keeps going up and up. Oh well, what can we do, I need it and love it.

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  1. Your muse and you are in hyper creative drive. What wonderful projects you are creating. The little blocks are fabulous. I look forward to more of your chalk painting ventures as I have never used it...yet! Happy Creative Hearts...


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