Friday, September 28, 2012


Enjoy this little tour around our humble home, this is how I decorate to welcome the fall season.  If you like a closer look and some more details, please visit my YOU TUBE channel.

This large glass silver pumpkin is new to my collection , it was given to me by my sister Mayra. The crown on top is my sister Dolly's. I treasure that little vintage crown, I find it just so beautiful. Maybe one day my niece will  want to use it......

These white lovelies got dress up in pearls this year. Another reason to play with my vintage jewelry collection.

                                         I'm not really  finished with these, still looking for ideas.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Any excuse to bring out and play with my yummy collection of vintage laces and trims. She really has  no skirt yet and has no " real " outfit . That's why her home is  behind this chair, lol.  I just keep dressing her up with bits and pieces of my vintage laces. It's all gathered in the back with pins, no sewing at all, super simple. For the flower I just added some lace and tulle in between the petals. The vintage olive green broach, I've had for a long time.
For the center I just used this one diamond shaped big piece of beaded wedding dress trim. My friend Janet and  I purchased this wedding dress last year, while junking around. She let me have this center piece. It's been tea died and I then let it dry out in the sun. I just love how that turners out because the sun burners the edges a bit. It looks so vintage but is not, it was a new wedding dress.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


I love when I step in a house that feels like a home. Take a look at all this fall goodness.

I love it  when my hubby laughs. 

Friday, September 14, 2012


It's about 85 degrees outside, here in beautiful South Florida, but I'm in a Christmas mood already. So since I can't decorate yet, lol. I started working on a few goodies, this yummy wall hanging I finished last week. This is made of bits and pieces of vintage laces and trims. The image and the little sign is printed on canvas. I will be listing this piece in my ETSY  store.


I like how this piece turned out. It's a wood piece, originally black and I did a white wash for a more vintage look. The best part was making the crazy quilt. I did a You Tube on it, TAKE A PEEK.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Re-decorating a bit, AGAIN.

Ok, I can't believe it, two postings in one day. The truth is that I've been keeping up with my You Tube channel and not my blog. That, or I've deleted a bunch of postings. I just notice so many of my pictures and projects that have not made it to the blog yet???? I'll be alright.
As many of you already know or figured out, I love to decorate. But since I can't buy new furniture every time I get the urge. I've decided to make some slip covers. My sister gave me chairs she no longer wanted, so I made some slip covers for them too. The couch was a big project and my friend Raquel did it for me. I love how it turned out. I have a leather couch that is beautiful, but not for Florida. It's hot and sticky, just did not work out for us. Now is soft, yummy and oh so white, love it! 

Almost forgot to tell you the best part. The fabric I wanted was $12.99 A YARD at Joanns. My friend Beth told me about Harbor Freight, a small hardware store. I got painter's cloth, the size of a small room for about $15.00 and I even got to use a 20% discount coupon, OMG what a deal! The painters drop cloth is heavy and strong much better than the fabric I had in mind but, it was a bit yellowish, so I left it over night in the washer with bleach and wallah.