Friday, November 2, 2012

EARLY VOTING IN FLORIDA, OMG! 3 hours and 10 minutes in line.

I always vote early because I go with my mom and she likes to vote early. Voting for my sweet mom is a BIG deal every time. She reminded me, AGAIN, that in her native country of Cuba she never got to vote because she lived through two dictatorships. She says it's our biggest honor and duty as citizen's to vote. She looked super beautiful today, she had the cutest outfit on, make up and hair, just adorable.
Of course she's ready to go an hour before I told her I would pick her up. My Mon had all the answers for the amendments ready and she made me a copy, of course we had discussed them ALL way in advance. She literally quizzes you on them, I'm not kidding! 

The rest of my family votes on Tuesday but, oh no, not my mom. She says she is not leaving such an important thing for the last day. Her thinking is that if she doesn't feel well or something happens on election day then she can't vote. 
Our day started by me picking her up and going to the first library, the parking there started eight blocks before, so we turned right around. We then went to another one and that one, you could not see the end of the line. We then decided to go to my house and pick up folding chairs, water and reading material. We then went to another place, there the line went out the library, in front of the shopping center and all the way around the back of the shopping center, you know were all the deliveries are made. Ok, we said, lets try one more place and thank GOD, it was not as long. We were in line three hours and ten minutes, yes that's right, and not counting parking finding time.

Over all it was a very pleasant experience, the weather was heavenly cool and beautiful. I made two friends in line and every one was very nice and civil, just waiting their turn. They kept thanking us for waiting, they had sitting stations in the shade, plenty of cold water  and they took very good care of the elderly.  
It was a great day over all because I got to make some memories and I got to  spend the day with  my beautiful mom.


  1. Wow- What a long time to wait in line with you poor Mom. Good fo her- she sounds like a wonderful woman that knows what is important in life. Blessings to you and her, too- xo Diana

  2. wow thats horrible...its insane...hugs sweet lady
    tell mom she is a trooper

  3. Good for your mom! She has spirit and heart! xo

  4. Your mom is a very smart woman. I totally agree voting is an honor and a duty that is often taken for granted here. I fear what might happen if it isn't protected against dishonesty. My DH and I were able to vote early with no wait this past week. I hate putting things off.

  5. Now let's just hope the electoral college picks the same one for president! BTW, the has nominated you and your blog for an award!!!!

  6. Congratulations on the nomination. Super cool and good for you!

    I can't believe it takes so long to vote there. Here in NYC, I'm usually in and out, well, maybe not this year with all the damage from Sandy we've sustained. Kudos to you and your mom for being so determined to have your voices heard.

  7. Hello Marlene, i am in vacation in Fort Myers, its a wonderful place. The weather ist sunny, a Michaels-Shop is in the near;-) Your Blog is beautiful. XX Gerlinde from Vienna


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