Thursday, November 29, 2012


I  think these little ballerinas turned out so cute. They remind me of our childhood birthday parties in Chicago. For some reason my mom must of love them too because, I remember them on top of all our birthday cakes. I added some glitter and stickles in different colors, now what to do with them.......


                                         Here I used a white one to alter a little jewelery box.

                     I found the perfect little stop for my pearls of wisdom altered perfume bottle.

Saturday, November 24, 2012


I'm so loving how these turned out. I've been collecting these test tubes for a while now and it's been so worth the wait. I've separated my most precious vintage buttons, beads and bits of treasured jewelry. The one with the metal cap was the inspiration piece. It was given to me by my sweet and talented friend Doreen.


These are regular yellow pencils that I covered with Washi tape and I think they look so cute.
 I've finally got to altered this little vintage milk glass vase. I'm keeping these new pink pins in it.

These are altered little perfume bottles. I found this idea on Pinterest and I'm planning on making more.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012




Hubby and I just got back from a relaxing few days in central Florida. This time of year is just beautiful here in Florida, the weather is just perfect.
Going to garage sales in central Florida, is so different from Miami. But, great fun just finding and getting to these farms. Oh my, what great goodies we found and what nice forks we met. They make it real simple for you to find the farms, take a look.

 Now to Mount Dora, what can I say ........ I want it all.

 I did get a couple of these vintage ladies. I don't want to say I collect them but, I do have a few. I love the vintage color and the beautiful jewelry. They are all so retro gorgeous.

 We also went to Websters flea market, great goodies there too. Can't wait to go again.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Early Birthday and anniversary celebration.

Ok ladies, I don't know how it happened but I'm turning 52 tomorrow, WOW. I was in high school the other day, but I'm sure that happens to everyone. My B-day is very special to me because I got married on my birthday. I've had a great week so far and I'm getting ready for some fun with my hubby. We always do a little something special to celebrate our anniversary.
We always get this cake for each other and we love it! YUMMMM. Check it out, it's a yellow cake with Guava filling and cream cheese frosting. I know it sound funny but, when it all mixes in your mouth, it's to die for. Yes, he gave me a little early gift, more Art-i-Cake goodness.
I got him some really cute shirts, new perfumes and a book, I know he will love.

Friday, November 2, 2012

EARLY VOTING IN FLORIDA, OMG! 3 hours and 10 minutes in line.

I always vote early because I go with my mom and she likes to vote early. Voting for my sweet mom is a BIG deal every time. She reminded me, AGAIN, that in her native country of Cuba she never got to vote because she lived through two dictatorships. She says it's our biggest honor and duty as citizen's to vote. She looked super beautiful today, she had the cutest outfit on, make up and hair, just adorable.
Of course she's ready to go an hour before I told her I would pick her up. My Mon had all the answers for the amendments ready and she made me a copy, of course we had discussed them ALL way in advance. She literally quizzes you on them, I'm not kidding! 

The rest of my family votes on Tuesday but, oh no, not my mom. She says she is not leaving such an important thing for the last day. Her thinking is that if she doesn't feel well or something happens on election day then she can't vote. 
Our day started by me picking her up and going to the first library, the parking there started eight blocks before, so we turned right around. We then went to another one and that one, you could not see the end of the line. We then decided to go to my house and pick up folding chairs, water and reading material. We then went to another place, there the line went out the library, in front of the shopping center and all the way around the back of the shopping center, you know were all the deliveries are made. Ok, we said, lets try one more place and thank GOD, it was not as long. We were in line three hours and ten minutes, yes that's right, and not counting parking finding time.

Over all it was a very pleasant experience, the weather was heavenly cool and beautiful. I made two friends in line and every one was very nice and civil, just waiting their turn. They kept thanking us for waiting, they had sitting stations in the shade, plenty of cold water  and they took very good care of the elderly.  
It was a great day over all because I got to make some memories and I got to  spend the day with  my beautiful mom.