Friday, September 28, 2012


Enjoy this little tour around our humble home, this is how I decorate to welcome the fall season.  If you like a closer look and some more details, please visit my YOU TUBE channel.

This large glass silver pumpkin is new to my collection , it was given to me by my sister Mayra. The crown on top is my sister Dolly's. I treasure that little vintage crown, I find it just so beautiful. Maybe one day my niece will  want to use it......

These white lovelies got dress up in pearls this year. Another reason to play with my vintage jewelry collection.

                                         I'm not really  finished with these, still looking for ideas.


  1. You do fall very elegantly, Marlene. I love the crowns, too. I need to dress up a pumpkin with one. :) xo

  2. Hi, I love all your beautiful bling pumpkins, your collection of vintage jewels are totally fab!

    Happy fall~

  3. Marlene your home and Fall decor is gorgeous. I love how you have incorporated the vintage jewels with the stunning pumpkins. Now my simple decor I have yet to put up will need some serious bling to make me happy. Thank you for sharing your beautiful vignettes. Falling into Autumn Bliss...

  4. Beautiful as always. Love the crown on the pumpkin. The acorns are adorable. Just add that special glitter and they will look gorgeous. Ana

  5. you who marlene im hosting another wonderful swap...hugs

  6. I love how you made fall beautiful without using the traditional oranges. Those silver pumpkins are so pretty and you display them so well. Your other displays are stunners as well.

  7. Ohhh Emmm Geee....Marlene my sweet friend, these are absolutely stunning!!!!! I especially ♥♥♥ the pearl ones - WOW!!! Hugs and blessings, T


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