Friday, July 22, 2011


I know this is not my garden blog, but I just had to let you take a peek into my garden paradise. It's been raining here in Miami for about a month now, well maybe not that long. I love my back yard oasis but, the rain has kept me in doors. Today it finally stop a bit, long enough for me to take these pics.

All my plants are so super happy after allllll this rain. I know we needed the rain but, enough already. I want to use my pool!!!! Take a look, I'm so blessed.
Actually I love to swim at night with all our out door mood lights on, we hang out in the pool and talk. This is my idea of swimming. I'll finish a lap and have a sip of my fav chilled wine, do a another lap and another sip. So you see why I need my nightly swim LOL.

This is my paradise, this pic was taken earlier in the season. Now you see why I love to play in back yard too.


  1. You're garden is gorgeous, and i agree with youre idea of swimming. Thanks for those great pictures. It has been raining here in the netherlands for the last 3 weeks and it is cold outside more like fall instead of summer.

    Lots of love, Gina

  2. WOW!! What a beautiful garden paradise you have Marlene! Everything looks very tropical. I am so envious. The nearest place we get to see anything like this, is when we visit Madeira twice a year. Our winter was very harsh this year in the UK. And our summer still hasn't arrived! So not much sitting in the garden, or sun bathing going on here. I hope the rain stays away, and you can enjoy your paradise, and swimming in your fabulous pool!!

  3. Beautiful Marlene..what tree is that over the Strelitzia,with the white fluffy flower, is it a weeping willow? it is beautiful...i see your stahg horn fern is also doing famously....I miss my south african garden,,,,it is too hot in Athens for an interesting garden,,,,enjoy your pool swimming at night is the best!!!keep cool...

  4. AAAwwww Marlene!!! It is soooo GORGEOUS!!! I was loving all this rain soooo much and my backyard was doing the happy dance! So I totally understand you! I feel the same way about my yard. And I love going in the pool at night too. The water feels much warmer. Is it just me??!! Please keep them coming! This is going to be inspiration for lots of people!
    Love it! May God bless it and give you health and love to enjoy it all!!!
    And you have a garden blog???!! OOoohhhhh I understand now!!!! lol :)
    Hugs :0)

  5. Marlene your backyard is "Paradise"!!! It makes me miss our pool and all the tropical plants we use to have in our backyard when we lived in Cali. Don't get to have as pretty plants here in Colorado :( or a pool! But we do have a gorgeous view of the Rocky Mountains out our back yard! We get to enjoy beautiful sunsets. Thanks for sharing your backyard with us, just stunning! Enjoy! -Leslie


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