Sunday, June 26, 2011


I had such a nice, relaxing and creative weekend. I worked on some flowers, charms and pins that I'll show you later and I worked on these layouts. This is my sweet and creative niece, scrapbooking with me.


  1. Your layouts are so cute. Love them. I love the random things you put on them. Love layouts full of embellishments. I have those papers and have not used them because they are so pretty I hate to use them. I have to get off of that and just use my things. You know how much I have and still keep buying. I could probably stop buying today and still have enough stuff for the next 50 years. Then you say we are not hoarders. I admit I am a hoarder. You are still in denial. I am going to have to take you to hoarder anonymous. LOL.

  2. I love seeing your layouts Marlene - you always do such a great job. Your attention to detail is amazing. It's so awesome when children can sit and be creative without limits. Your niece is very blessed to have an aunt like you. Have a fabulous week!! Besitos, T


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