Sunday, May 1, 2011


I made this for my mom today. I've been saving this Melody Ross paper collection for just this project. The book it's filled with pictures of her grandchildren. I left plenty of empty room for her to journal on. I found some bible passages in Spanish and I know she'll love that. I'm making her a card too and adding a little gift card. It's just getting harder and harder to find a gift for my mom, I don't know why that is?
I'm also working on some cards for my sisters too. They "the kids" usually get me something for mother's day, even though I'm not a mom. So I always like to get my sisters a little something cause they always think of me on mother's day.


  1. Your mom will be so super happy with this album. The best part is that it will have pictures of the grandkids. You know how they feel about the grandkids.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. oh your mom will love this album...I too made an album for my mom and I know what you mean about trying to find something to give as a gift. I also took my daughter to make a plate at a pottery place. She put her hand print on it with paint and then I painted the rest ..I made her hand look like a flower. and added a butterfly and a nice saying from both of us....I will post a pic on my blog sometime this week. Just another idea for you next time. TFS your creation. Beautiful.


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